About Me

Hey there everyone, i’m Carter and i’m really starting to get into sailing.  I though i’d journal my experiences to keep as memoires for a later time in life.  I’m typically not the greatest at publicly displaying these events, but really wanted to hold myself to this commitment.  I’m originally from Manhattan but moved right before my first year of High School to upstate NY.  After high school graduation i studied chemical engineering at Penn State and then went off to work for a paint manufacturing company in Connecticut.

This is a new area for me and I don’t have a ton of friends here other than my co-workers who are on average 15 years older than me.  They are somewhat sedentary people but I guess I don’t blame them since they have to hurry back home to the wife and kids.  Anyway, the lack of friends and family led me to look for hobbies and, in my active search, I landed on sailing.  I’m just getting started with it now, but figured it was better to document my experiences from the very beginning than a few years down the road.

I’ve been looking at pulling the trigger on a new sail boat but there are so many things to consider and my mind is spinning in so many directions.  As of now, i think i’ve made up my mind and am going to pull the trigger on the RS Quba.  Its still a right fit for beginners but large enough for two sailers.  I figure I can practice on my own but also bring a friend or coach along (or maybe a girl).  I can tell already that this will be a pricey hobby so budgeting properly will be a new endeavor for me too!

I’ll be looking for new sailing buddies and if you’d like to connect then feel free to send me an email at carter@springsailsevent.com

See you on the other side!